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Welcome to the Upcoming Breedings page!

Often people will contact us about what future breedings we have planned and upcoming litters we will offer. We are also regularly asked what dogs and bloodlines we are watching and seeking for our program. The reason for this is simple; Sportwaffen K9 doesn't chase the flavor of the moment breedings or social media hype or point dog podium politics that drive 99.99% of US breeding programs. Over time, we have proven again and again that even though many popular so called "breeders" might disagree with our philosophy of "Genetics, genetics, genetics!" over purely points, our kennel has consistently produced superior working animals. This page will be updated with planned breedings here at our kennel and will give you insight into the plans we hold for the future. Enjoy!

Two upcoming breedings will be added shortly. Be sure to check our For Sale page to see what is currently available! All Sportwaffen K9 bred puppies/dogs sold will have AKC registration, first shots and worm treatment, with a written health guarantee, unless otherwise noted. Please see Health Guarantee link below for complete details. Deposits to hold puppies/dogs are $500. Please note that deposits placed on puppies/dogs are non-refundable should the buyer not complete the purchase as promised.

  • For more information on our Written Health Guarantee, and our outlook on breeding, click here

  • Are you interested in joining a Schutzhund Club in Indianapolis area? If so, please contact me to arrange a visit to my schutzhund club, OG Landshark. We are currently looking for members who want to make a serious dedication to training and titling their dogs in schutzhund.

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  • Please note that our contact info has changed.

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    Are you interested in joining a Schutzhund Club in Indiana? If so, please contact me to arrange a visit to my schutzhund club, OG Landshark !