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             2006 Bundessiegerprüfung

                 2006 BSP logo

2006 Bundessiegerprüfung Pictures from Bochum-Wattenscheid
and Gunter Lanfer's Club, O.G. Coesfeld,
Clubhouse and Training Field

Gunter is an SV Judge and a very good friend of mine. He was extremely kind to my wife and I while we were at the BSP. Every night after the trial we'd go back to his home with my friend Johannes Grewe for dinner and drinks. Gunter and Johannes are super people and we really enjoyed their company.
Gunter view toward field from clubhouse
clubhouse training field
Polizei narc demo Polizei
Agility demo great food
in the stands Roland Seibel with (my now deceased female) Jule's brother Janoch von der Grube Waldecke

             2008 Bundessiegerprüfung

                 2008 BSP logo

2008 Bundessiegerprüfung Pictures from Baunatal
and my friend Oliver Jankoviak's club, O.G. Westfalen,
Clubhouse and Training Field

In 2008 I was again at the Bundessiegerprüfung in Germany. My good friends Thomas Haas and Oliver Jankoviak showed me a great time and we saw many good dogs. When I see the stadium as packed as it was in Baunatal I always wish someday the US trials will be as big as well. You simply have to see it for yourself to believe it!
Sabine, Nicky, Me, and Oliver Clubhouse
Clubhouse Food at BSP
Vendor area Baunatal Park Stadion
Baunatal Park Stadion Baunatal Park Stadion
Baunatal Park Stadion Baunatal Park Stadion

I was lucky enough to get to talk with Werner Hübner at the Bundessiegerprüfung in 2008 about Asko. It was very nice to see this man's eyes light up when he spoke of his old friend. It was nice to hear about the dog from the person that knew him best.

Me and Werner Hubner, Asko's handler

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