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Ebony Amarcord SVV1, Kkl2
Ebony Amarcord SVV1, Kkl2
Born: January 22, 2005
Top scores are Tracking --, Obedience --, Protection --
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I am very pleased to introduce another superb female as an addition to my respected working line breeding program. Ebony Amarcord SVV1, Kkl2 comes to us from the Czech Republik in Europe. Ebony is an upper medium sized sable female with excellent drives and super stable temperament. She is a mixture of some extremely high quality West German working lines. Ebony is a very quiet and calm dog around the home, however she loves to work and when it's time, she really turns on and comes alive. Ebony has very good food drive and extremely high ball drive. Her gripping is full and hard. She has driven and sustained barking in the blind and comes fast to the sleeve with a longbite that is hard to find in females. She comes with reckless abandon and handles pressure from the helper with ease.

Ebony's father is the powerful LGA, FCI, and BSP competitor V Eik vom Lisdorferland SchH3, IPO3, Kkl1. Eik was known for his big gripping and insane longbite presence. Eik was a man to catch in the longbite and was well respected for this trait. Eik is the son of 4 time BSP competitor Sid vom Haus Gremm SchH3, IPO3 and grandson to the FCI and V scoring BSP competitor Arec vom Bunsenkocher SchH3, IPO3. Through his motherlines he carries several Lisdorferland breeding stock as well as BSP competitor SG Grischa vom Schwarzen Milan SchH3, FH. Here's a video of Eik in action, (video may take a moment to load):

Ebony's father, Eik:

Ebony's mother is the well producing Duna Va Pe SVV1, Kkl1. Duna is the daughter of German Shepherd Dog pillar male and BSP/WUSV competitor V Nick vom Heiligenbösch SchH3, FH, Kkl1. Nick was an extremely powerful male with a continued power bloodline of Half Ruhbachtal-Timmy von der bosen Nachbarschaft-Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich. Duna's mother is no wasted line herself, containing dogs such as aggression producers V Yoschy von der Döllenwiese SchH3, Kkl1, BSP, 3 time BSP competitor V Troll von der bosen Nachbarschaft SchH3, V Harro aus der Lechrainstadt SchH3, IPO3, FH, V-BSP and pillar male V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich SchH3, Kkl1, V-BSP. Additionally, the pedigree contains 3 time BSP competitor V Askia vom Froschgraben SchH3, IPO3, FH, Kkl1, V Andy von der Bildsäule SchH3, DH2, WPO, FH, Kkl1, and numerous Karthago and Maineiche dogs. This is a very high drive breeding pedigree! Here's Ebony showcasing one of her best talents when she was used as a breeding female for Vit Glisnik in the Czech Republik:

Ebony is a beautiful female of good size, excellent temperament, and high drives for the work.

Ebony Amarcord SVV1, Kkl2 Ebony Amarcord SVV1, Kkl2

Ebony Amarcord SVV1, Kkl2 Ebony Amarcord SVV1, Kkl2

Below is an Ebony son, Largo Vikar:

Here is some video of Largo as he gets a little older showing excellent drive and gripping:

You can see many more videos of Largo including some more recent showing some phenomenal longbites by clicking here. Enjoy!

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