Olina Stuka

Sportwaffen K9

V Laila Belle von den Sportwaffen IPO3, Kkl1, BHOT, Certified Narcotic Detection K9
V Laila Belle von den Sportwaffen IPO3, Kkl1, BHOT
Certified Narcotic Detection K9
HD a-normal, ED a-normal
Born: May 3, 2010
Top scores are Tracking 98, Obedience 84, Protection 85
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I am pleased to introduce Stuka x Jenny daughter V Laila Belle von den Sportwaffen IPO2, Kkl1, BHOT, Certified Narcotic Detection K9 as an addition to my breeding program. Laila is a dark sable female with high intelligence and very high working drives with full gripping, speed, clarity, temperament, and conformation. Laila has impeccable temperament, is extremely quiet in a crate or kennel, and loves to work! She is a combination of two of my favorite breeding dogs from my kennel, Stuka and Jenny. This is what gives Laila her pedigree to die for with impressive amounts of working street Police K9's, and top sport competition dogs out of the United States and Europe. Laila will be a real asset to our breeding program.

Here's a video of Laila at about 16 months of age doing some schutzhund bark and hold, longbites, and civil agitation. Laila is being handled by my good friend Lorna Thomas and the helperwork is performed by (me) Nate Harves:

The pictures below show her at about 6 months of age.

Laila has a training blog that can be visited by clicking here.

At about 15 months of age Laila was becoming darker and filling out nicely.

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