Olina Stuka

Sportwaffen K9

SG Uma von den Sportwaffen IPO2, Kkl1
Uma von den Sportwaffen IPO1, BHOT
HD a-normal, ED a-normal
Born: April 26, 2013
Top scores are Tracking --, Obedience --, Protection --
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I am pleased to introduce Stuka x Bonie daughter Uma von den Sportwaffen IPO1, BHOT, as part of our breeding program! Uma is an awesome bitch with big drives and big fight! A very hard bitch with superb temperament, and she never quits! Uma is a daughter of two of the finest German Shepherd Dogs I have ever known. Her father is my beloved; the one and only "always powerful" SG1 Stuka vom Enckhausen SchH3, IPO3, FH, Kkl1, HOT, Police K9, 5x National Helper's Favorite, WUSV Helper Tryout Dog. Stuka was the stuff of legends, and we miss him so much. Uma's mother, was the powerhouse female Bonie di Dranel SVV1, Kkl1. Bonie was a substantial bitch with enormous bone, true temperament, and bitework that would shame most males. Stuka and Bonie worked well, and made our dear Uma. All drives are high, and a bitch that can truly take pressure and push through.

Uma is an amazing mother. We are blessed to have her in our program.

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