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Sportwaffen K9

Welcome to the O.G. Landshark Schutzhund, Polizeihund, und Rettungshunde page. The official schutzhund club of Sportwaffen K9!

After being the training and trial helper of another club for many years, I chose to break off and start my own training club with a group of training friends. Our club is O.G. Landshark Schutzhund, Polizeihund, und Rettungshunde. We are first and foremost a Schutzhund club through United Schutzhund Clubs of America. However, we also train in dual purpose Police K9, Search and Rescue, and Personal Protection as well.

Our training grounds provide buildings for searching, a full regulation schutzhund field, and large 50+ acre tracking fields. Further amenities for members include a clubhouse and shelter with firepit area for friends and fun after a hard days training.

At O.G. Landshark we work very hard to give our dogs and our members excellent training in a fun and friendly environment tailored to the learning style of both dog and handler. We train hard, but we have fun along the way! Our club website is up! I will be adding to it over time. The web address is www.oglandshark.com . Enjoy!

If you are looking to join a schutzhund club and would like to visit, please email me. We are always looking for new members that will show the dedication and commitment it takes to do schutzhund.

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  • Please note that our contact info has changed.

    You can contact Nate Harves by email at: sportwaffenk9@gmail.com. Sportwaffen K9 is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. © copyright Sportwaffen K9, all rights reserved, no unauthorized duplication or reproduction of site materials without approval.

    Are you interested in joining a Schutzhund Club in Indiana? If so, please contact me to arrange a visit to my schutzhund club, OG Landshark !