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About Us

About Sportwaffen K9

Sportwaffen K9 is the product of my lifelong love and interest in dogs. As a kid, I'd wake up, and my dog and I would go hiking up into the forestry behind our farm. I loved the outdoors and I loved my dogs so these were the best of times.

About Us


Two brand new pages on up and coming additions to our breeding program are available on the Xaja spod Mazlova page and the Kodiak von den

February 26, 2018

Updates have been made to Genevieve's page, contact information updated, and links page began updating with a link to Sportwaffen K9 on Facebook.

August 16, 2017


You are a great guy to do business with, Nate. I've been in the dog business 35 years as well as the scuba business with my husband and people like you are hard to find. Everything is very much appreciated....You have made this a pleasant experience, I hope I can return the help someday.

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