Facka z Vysneho Caju


Born: October 13, 2006

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Facka is a very welcome import addition to my working line breeding program. She is an upper medium sized sable female with rich color and very nice conformation. She is extremely fast and driven and is a very willing-to-please type female. Social and well tempered, she is very easy to handle and fits in well in the family. She has very good nerves and is very stable. Facka is quiet in a crate or the kennel and has very nice natural watchful qualities, only making noise to alert me when something is there. Her prey and ball drives are extremely high, and once on the ball she naturally humps and tugs and pulls with it intensely. On the sleeve Facka bites very hard for a female with a nice full calm grip and she likes to fight with the man. She’s very fast to the arm with good center mass helper strikes (remember this center mass trait below) and comes nicely on the longbite. Many of these are qualities I demand for Sportwaffen females in my breeding program.

Facka is a powerfully driven mixture of West German working and Czech/Slovak bloodlines. Her 5 generation pedigree is filled with numerous LGA, BSP, FCI, WUSV, and Czech Nationals dogs that were influential upon the breed. Her father is the 2009 FCI and 2009 WUSV competitor Hoky Va Pe SchH3, IPO3, Kkl1. I personally saw Hoky at the 2009 WUSV in Krefeld, Germany. He was a nicely sized dog with strong drives and determination with a good balance of handler control, always wagging his tail held high. Excellent barking and grips, and a crowd pleaser in the longbite. Hoky tries to stop the helper on the escape and hits center mass on the longbite, straight at the man. Hoky was used by some of the most respected Czech/Slovak breeding kennels and produced some very nice dogs. Below are some videos of Hoky at the FCI, WUSV, and qualifications.

Looking a little further back in the pedigree we see where many of these working characteristics like center mass hitting come from. Hoky’s father is the infamous 3 time LGA Sieger and 3 time Bundessiegerprufung competitor SG Tyson von der Schiffslache SchH3, Kkl1. I watched Tyson at the 2006 Bundessigerprufung in Bochum-Wattenscheid, Germany. Tyson was a powerful, no nonsense type of dog. His barking was strong, his grips were always full, an athletic dog with speed and determination. Tyson was a hard hitting dog that came at the helper on the longbite dead center mass and hit like an NFL linebacker. He was known and respected by helpers for that trait, that he passed on to Hoky and Facka. Tyson was a dog that refused to be manhandled and exhibited strong natural aggression and hardness, walking around with his tail up in the air. Top kennels in Europe bred to Tyson to bring his power and realness back into their breeding programs. I have searched for years to locate a breeding female out of Tyson through lines I liked. The good ones like Facka are not easy to locate. Below are videos of Tyson introducing himself to helpers:

In addition to these dogs, looking at a 5 generation pedigree we see an impressive list of top producers from BSP, FCI, WUSV, and Czech Nationals:

Olix von Karthago
Boy von Haus-Klönne
Bandit van Gogh
Harro aus der Lechrainstadt
Fado von Karthago
Afra vom Stoppenberger Land
Ork vom Wolfendobel
Andy von der Bildsäule
Xento von der Maineiche
Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft
Yoschy von der Döllenwiese
Loggi von der Maineiche
Hugo Kostolianskej cesty
Car sister, Cara z Kostolianskej cesty
Dux Agar
Bleckie Kostar
Gabi z Pohranicni straze
Ema Nemo
Eron Mat-Roz
Arys z Travnickova dvora
and Afra Obadove ocko

Facka is a wonderfully tempered female with intelligent expression and a beautiful headpiece.

Here’s a video of Facka working in Slovakia on my friend Josef Mravik:

Below is a 5 month old son of Facka z Vysneho Caju SVV1: