It’s very important that if you’re going to be successful with your dogs that you set yourself up for success in every way, including your facilities.

Here at my kennel I have a 24 x 48 kennel building. This kennel building houses indoor and “outdoor” runs. They are all completely covered. I also have an indoor kennel and an outdoor kennel for females in heat or pregnant/whelping females. The outdoor kennel is great for young puppies to watch training, too. The indoor kennel is inside my home and is great for giving the female peace and quiet. My females are in foster homes with friends and only come back for breeding. This way they have a very nice life and get lots of attention and one on one time.

The yard is fenced in for privacy and safety. The yard is plenty big enough to let the dogs out on to play and stretch their legs and there’s always quiet shaded areas for puppy pens to get the little ones outside.

Off of my kennel building I have a full six blind schutzhund field with my wall and jump. I fashioned my six blind so that a dog can push me deep inside the blind and really center up on me during the bark and hold. The six blind has a tie out chain that allows me to backtie a dog directly in front of the blind. This tie out pole fits down in a pipe in the ground, so that when we are done we simply lift it out so it’s not in the way. Off the side of my six blind is a bite table. Having a bite table close is great for young dogs all the way up through adult work. I can just let a dog watch from there, or we can work our aggression work out of the blind. (If you’re interested in table training, then click here.)

Enjoy the photos of my kennel, puppy whelping room, kennel truck and dog trailer, and schutzhund field!

Kennel Truck and Dog Trailer

Sportwaffen Whelping Rooms

Schutzhund Field and Kennel Building