Police K9

Our Law Enforcement dogs are the best in the business. We hand select, from the breeding to the raising to the training, only the strongest dogs that we know will excel at the work. All the dogs are bred from the strongest European working bloodlines and started young in training so that they reach their full potential. Obedience, bite work, tracking, drug interdiction and explosives training are all areas they show true strength at.

Over the years, we have placed hundreds of Police K9’s with Law Enforcement agencies, we’ve trained hundreds of Police K9 teams, ran countless K9 schools, written many published articles, done scientific studies, and instructed at many national Police K9 and Military K9 conferences. We’ve also handled Police K9’s on the street and know what the job needs! We can speak from experience when we say you won’t be disappointed with a Sportwaffen K9 Police Dog! If you are looking for the very best, contact us when you want quality over quantity.

K9 Koda is a 2.5 year old female German Shepherd Dog bred here at our kennel. She’s a public relations dream come true and an exceptional drug dog. Outgoing and happy temperament, and loves to work. She’s got tremendous hunt drive and her final indication is a sit. Koda would be excellent for any narcotic detection need, including interdiction work with lots of stops/searches.

K9 Panzer is a three year old female German Shepherd Dog. Panzer has extreme hunt drive and love for the work. A happy girl and great for public relations, very social. She would also be a great fit for a high search volume role. Her final indication is a lockup/stare.