Otso von den Sportwaffen

HD a-normal, ED a-normal

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Otso is a full littermate male to our Omen von den Sportwaffen. Unbelievable gripping, always 100% full and hard like his brother. The genetic biting is insane. Strong forward barking, zero environmental issues, impeccable pedigree. Otso is completely sound in public, at home, with family, and requires nothing extreme to be a good citizen… but cross a line, and Otso is coming. A great dog with enormous power in all he does, with a pedigree to die for. Otso is linebred:

3-3 SG1 Stuka vom Enckhausen

4-4 Stormfront’s Brawnson and Britta vom Timmelsjoch

5-5 Arko Honest, Maja Fuchsgraben, Anka vom Schiferstein, and Asko von der Lutter

Otso’s father is our powerful “Direwolf” Zawadi von den Sportwaffen and his mother our “Fightish” Genevieve von den Sportwaffen, from Laila Belle von den Sportwaffen and Uma von den Sportwaffen, respectively. Both Laila and Uma were daughters of my beloved, the “always powerful” Stuka vom Enckhausen. The blood in this animal is the stuff of legends!

Otso von den Sportwaffen