Sportwaffen K9 puppies are vastly different than most German Shepherd Dog puppies bred in the United States today. It is our belief that the majority of people calling themselves breeders in the USA are really just in the “puppy market” to offer puppies for sale to unknowing buyers and “make fast money” rather than working to maintain and better the German Shepherd Dog breed standard. We frequently encounter people with very little to no knowledge about genetics and what is needed to create true and proper working line German Shepherd Dogs that are balanced with all the drives, temperament, and health necessary for the breed. Our GSD breedings are meticulously planned. They are the product of decades of careful research, investment, hands on training, commitment and sacrifice, the hard earned experience that comes with it, purposeful program design, and ultimately the professional and knowledgeable selection of the very best dogs available to PRODUCE the very best dogs possible.


This page will frequently have Sportwaffen puppies we have held back to offer as started dogs or green dog prospects. To view what litters we have available for a younger purchase, please visit our Upcoming Breedings / Current Litters page by clicking here, where we announce upcoming litters about to be born, and litters that are already on the ground.


Additionally, we occasionally offer puppies of some breeds other than the German Shepherd Dog to offer to clients as well. Enjoy the site, and please contact us if you have any questions.

To see what we have available right now, please visit our Upcoming Breedings / Current Litters page by clicking here.