Sportwaffen K9 puppies are the joy in our souls and the very reason we do what we do here. They are the continuation and betterment of the breed. They are the product of decades of careful research, hands on training, sacrifice, the experience that comes with it, program development, and ultimately the breeding of the strongest dogs to produce the very best. Having bred many of the dogs within the first 3-4 tiers of the pedigree, we know what to expect from every litter of pups we have. A sound mind, great health, and superb working ability are what we demand from our pups. If you are looking for a genetically gifted diamond in the rough, contact us. You won’t be disappointed.

This is our passion. This is our craft.

This is bigger than all of us and lives on past us when we are no more. It is our manifest vision that is so much more than us. It contributes to the future what it has drawn from roots embedded deep in the past. It is more than all the frivolous fleeting spoils the nescient dreamer strives to earn and the affluent so easily acquire without truly earning it.

This is the true working line German Shepherd Dog.

It isn’t points. It isn’t a trophy. It isn’t a podium and an ego ritual.

It is life planned, produced, tested and proven again and again. It is a legacy to the strength, heart, beauty, health, clarity, temperament, structure and intelligence of the ancestral Working Line German Shepherd Dogs.

It is life that always gives its best and never quits. It is a spirit that binds to yours in loyal trustworthiness from the first moments you look into the eyes of the sweet puppy in your arms that grows to be your constant working companion that years later slips into the twilight of an old soul lying by your side that you cry over as your time together draws near the end.

It’s eyes that always look back at you in understanding.

It’s heart and fearless fury when the work is real.

It’s a lick on the cheek when life makes you feel abandoned and you need a friend.

It’s a lifetime of human/canine conversation that feeds your soul.

It’s a child’s joyful laugh when recognizing a friend.

It’s grown men backing up in the presence of raw strength and power.

It’s the true working line German Shepherd Dog.

It may not be for everyone, but it is our conviction to craft the dogs that produce; The police dog that helps good men return home at night.

The search dog that brings rescue to the lost.

The therapy dog that provides comfort and strength to the afflicted.

The detection dog that indicates with its nose the things men cannot find with their eyes.

The military dog that warns of impending danger.

The protection dog that provides a severe warning to would-be offenders, ‘I am a German Shepherd Dog and you will not harm my humans!’

The competition dog that devotedly proves out its capabilities as a working dog with the heart and character to achieve whatever job its human companions need.

This is our passion. This is our craft.

One early morning as the pup yawned awake from deep slumber, I placed my lips gently near his downy ear and whispered, ‘Right now, you are just a tiny little puppy. But someday, men will tremble in your presence.”

Wisky is a 4 month old Belgian Malinois male puppy with extremely dark pigment. He is very playful and has very high prey drive. Wisky is very fast in prey drive for the rag and toys, with hard biting. He takes pressure in drive from the helper very well, and yelling/fighting/challenging has no effect on biting behavior. He has zero handler aggression and loves to interact with the handler. If let loose, Wisky will range and explore but come when called. He has been started on crate training and is doing well. He does well for a puppy in a kennel and is okay being around older dogs. Wisky is FCI pedigree’d and shows a lot of promise. Please contact us if interested in Wissky or if you have any questions.

Zima is a 4 month old Belgian Malinois female with an FCI pedigree we imported for re-sale. Zima is very smart and very playful. She will be medium size with dark pigment. She is very chill but active when you want. I’d consider her medium prey drive and easy to handle. Zima has zero handler aggression, gets along great with other animals, and loves to be with her handler. I think she’d be a good candidate for an active family or club level dog sport home looking for a pedigree’d Mali that will become a beautiful looking animal. Zima is 100% safe with children and has an “off” switch in a family environment. Please contact us if interested in Zima, or if you have any other questions.

To see what we have available right now, please visit our Upcoming Litters page here.