Olka z Mnichovy zahrady SchH3, IPO3, ZVV1, ZPO1, ZPS1


Born: March 16, 2000

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Olka z Mnichovy zahrady, or Olina as we call her, is a super sport female and is retired from the competition field as a brood bitch for us. Olina is a daughter of the great Arno Vlasimske brany from the Czech Republic. She is a beautiful black sable with a striking head and dark eye and has a very social and friendly nature. Very clearheaded with a lot of personality. Her protection work is very upbeat with great barking and calm full grips. She is a very confident female. Around the home and kennel she is an excellent watchdog and very protective of our family and property. Olina has a very willing to please attitude in obedience and has a special tracking title. Her tracking is extremely intense. On the training field Olina has great drives and power, and in the home she is loveable and a fantastic mother. Olina has several progeny involved in Schutzhund, Ringsport, and personal protection.

Watch how happy and confident
Olina is when she’s working!
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Olina training, 12/23/06

Video of Olina’s father, Arno Vlasimske brany
Arno 1
Arno 2
Arno 3

An Olina daughter playing in the snow. Uta von den Sportwaffen is owned by Carl P.

An Olina son in a stack photo and head shot. V Atze von den Sportwaffen SchH1, Kkl1, HOT is owned by my very good friend Lorna Thomas.

This is me with a Stuka x Olina son. Bello von den Sportwaffen is owned by Steve T.