Pyros von den Sportwaffen

HD a-normal, ED a-normal

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Pyros von den Sportwaffen… we call him Py, or Pyro, or his other moniker… Potshot Pyros! At an early age, less than 6 months, we saw Pyros was all about the man. Never equipment. Give him a chance, he was at the man. Superbly bred, Pyros shined in all areas. At only a few months, you knew he was different. Tail straight in the air, way more masculine than normal, Pyros is part of the next generational plan. An awesome male with real world power, he has a super temperament with his people, but is definitely a very civil male with strangers not permitted. Pyros is the real deal when it comes to civil and aggression. Pyros is linebred:

3-2 SG1 Stuka vom Enckhausen

4-3 Stormfront’s Brawnson and Britta vom Timmelsjoch

5-4 Arko Honest, Maja Fuchsgraben, Anka vom Schiferstein, and Asko von der Lutter

Otso’s father is our powerful “Direwolf” Zawadi von den Sportwaffen and his mother our powerhouse Uma von den Sportwaffen, from Laila Belle von den Sportwaffen and Bonie di Dranel, respectively. Both Laila and Uma were daughters of my beloved, the “always powerful” Stuka vom Enckhausen. The blood in this animal is the stuff of legends and part of our “parallel blood-lining” here at our kennel.