Welcome to the Sportwaffen K9 Seminars page!

Training is very important here at our kennel. We take it very serious and constantly work to make sure that both our dogs and the dogs in my club receive the best training they can get toward their goals. This page will be dedicated to upcoming seminars and events to improve upon and share training ideas.

We also have a separate Sportwaffen K9 Seminar page for Law Enforcement here.

I have worked very hard to be considered one of the best training helpers in the United States today. I have assisted in helping to send multiple dogs to Regional, National, and World-level Championships. I believe that my eye for increasing drive and power through proper reading of dogs while in drive and absolutely minimizing conflict and confusion while maximizing confidence and success are key to performing proper helper work. Through my style of training and helper work I work to teach things like:

* How to develop training gameplans clear of confusion
* How to communicate better between helpers-dogs-handlers
* How to recognize conflict and confusion in your training
* How to increase drive and balance with control and clear-headedness
* How to increase trial points for schutzhund
* How to problem solve various issues common to dog sport
* How to properly read dogs being worked and adjust according to what they’re showing you
* How to recognize the importance of timing
* How to recognize the need for and switch between compulsion/motivation without harm
* How to improve handling skills
* How to improve training helper work
* And much more!

In addition to what experience I have in dog sport I also bring knowledge of things like protection dog training and Police K9 in as a broader knowledge base for training. I believe that my background in these areas contribute to my success as a training helper for schutzhund and I can help share that knowledge with your members so it can work for you as well. People have left my training seminars commenting that they feel they have learned more than in other seminars they’ve attended because of how the information is presented and exhibited. I work very hard to teach and share information and do it in a way that everyone learns, from the completely new to the seasoned as well. My seminars include written information, video illustration, classroom lecture, visual aids, group discussion, and most importantly hands-on application. * No big-me-little-you instruction! Everyone is treated with respect and dignity and never singled out in anyway negatively

* And as with anything I do, you will have fun and learn at the same time!


Here’s what some people have anonymously commented on our seminar feedback form after attending a Training Seminar by Nate Harves:

“Your knowledge and understanding of the dog far exceeds your human years. You not only see the dog, you see it’s shadows. After you left it was fun to watch all the “little Nate’s” as I call them, running around looking for dogs to work. Great job. Thank you again and hope our paths cross in the future.”

“I found your ability to connect with people a great asset, you were positive and encouraging.”

“One of the best seminars. Information was presented in many ways; written, video, and field practice, which all added up to many opportunities to learn the proper technique and get answers to questions you might have.”

“Great teaching ability and ‘down to earth’ personality. Explanation of exercises very precise and easy to understand.”

“Presented information in a variety of ways to address a diverse audience.”

“I thought you were great, super informative, easy to understand, very funny and engaging to all. I would recommend this to anyone and would definitely attend again.”

“Better than other seminars I have attended.”

“Excellent instruction and great charisma and great engaging instruction. The time flew by!”

“The book was excellent.”

“Very detailed.”

“It was the very best instruction I have ever received at a seminar.”

“Best instructor I have ever learned from.”

“Very informative, patient and thorough.”

“Stopped and gave instruction/correction when necessary.”

“Very informative. Very good technique and instruction.”

“‘I will use this info for the rest of my career.”

“The sit-down seminar was awesome.”

“Dogs. Instruction. People. Perfectly balanced.”

“Can’t wait for the next seminar.”

“Very detailed.”

“Would advise my club to attend one.”

“Printed info, and video. Found the printed info very helpful.”

“Excellent, well-organized, detailed presentation.”

“Filled in a lot of blanks left by just catching dogs over the last year.”

“Absolutely must convince members to attend or bring to club.”

“All steps were covered.”

“Excellent seminar. Very professional. Also created a learning environment for all.”

“Explained all material in great detail.”

“All my questions were answered.”

“Also demonstrated for everyone to see.”

If you’d like to have a training seminar in the future please contact Nate Harves by email at: or by phone at (317) 965-9742.