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Sportwaffen K9 has four finished/completed Police K9’s for sale. Three are single purpose narcotic detection, one is dual purpose narcotic detection/patrol.

All four of these dogs are extremely social and carry zero handler aggression. Environmental nerves are superb with no issue in any environment such as slick floors, acoustics, noise, etc. The dogs have high food and ball drive and were trained passive alert indications and final responses to the odor presence of marijuana, heroin/opioids, methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, and MDMA/Ecstasy. They have been trained in bulk weight and personal use. These dogs are trained using self discovery and work independently of any handler cues. They all work for the toy reward. All four are bred from imported European working lines. These dogs are finished on boxes, cars, trucks, semi’s, parcels, luggage, residential, commercial, industrial, lockers, schools, and penal facilities. These dogs are ready to go to work immediately for a department, agency, or privatized business. You can contact Nate Harves by email at: Sportwaffen K9 is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

K9 Wil

K9 Wil is a one year old Belgian Malinois. Wil has very high hunt drive and is super easy to handle. He’s a very happy and friendly boy with zero aggression. Wil loves to hunt dope and get his ball. His final indication is a sit.

K9 Koda

K9 Koda is a 1.5 year old female German Shepherd Dog bred here at our kennel. She’s a public relations dream come true and an exceptional drug dog. Outgoing and happy temperament, and loves to work. She’s got tremendous hunt drive and her final indication is a sit. Koda would be excellent for any narcotic detection need, including interdiction work with lots of stops/searches.

K9 Panzer

K9 Panzer is a one year old female German Shepherd Dog. Panzer has extreme hunt drive and love for the work. A happy girl and great for public relations, very social. She would also be a great fit for a high search volume role. Her final indication is a lockup/stare.

K9 Xane

K9 Xane is SOLD!

K9 Xane was bred here at our kennel. He is a just-turned five year old male German Shepherd Dog. Xane is trained as a dual purpose dog for narcotics and patrol. Xane is very high drive, social, and outgoing. He has very high hunt drive and is an exceptional narc dog. His final indication is a down. In the patrol work, Xane is a very hard biter and has excellent fight drive. He easily handles pressure from the bad guy and bites extremely hard. Xane is also an exceptional tracking dog. Xane is also titled in IPO, with TONS of training. Xane is a dog that will work ALL DAY LONG if needed.

New Top Working Line German Shepherd Dog Litter!!!!

We are excited to offer the following breeding!

2017 Mideast Regional Conformation Show Sieger V Zawadi von den Sportwaffen IPO2, Kkl1, Narc K9, BHOT x Bety nad Holeškou SVV1, Kkl1.

This is a breeding to die for…. the “Direwolf” V Zawadi von den Sportwaffen IPO2, Kkl1, Narc K9, BHOT has bred our Bety nad Holeškou SVV1, Kkl1! This breeding has it all, the looks…. the temperament…. the power…. and the monster pedigree!

Zawadi is the successful product of two decades of work here at our kennel to produce the ultimate working dog. Zawadi is what happens when a program has an unwavering commitment to genetically design the animal needed to contribute to a true goal that never changes. Never about points and trophies, Zawadi combines Schutzhund, Police K9, KNPV, West German, Czech, Belgian, and DDR, etc. into what was envisioned and designed to be a superbly genetic male German Shepherd Dog, and that he is! Zawadi is a substantial, large, powerful, driven, athletic, incredibly intelligent working dog of extremely sound mind and body. Solid black, intelligence like few others, and a warrior in his heart, he has impressed all who have seen him. A European Judge referred to him as the “Schwarz Teufel”, which means the “black devil”. A USCA Teaching Helper who caught him on a longbite said he was a “rocket powered Brinks truck”. A WUSV qualifier watched him work and said, “I’m kind of embarassed to get my dog out after that.” Everything Zawadi does is a clear, conscious decision. A true thinking animal, when as the helper I do anything to try and trick him, Zawadi will pause, his eyes slowly tracing over where I’m at, his look will change, and he will then solve the problem in a way I’ve rarely seen before and come at me with full power. (A 5 month old Zawadi son recently observed us doing Narc K9 training and came over and showed in step by step detail to us how to load the box and where to place the ball, etc, and was reliably indicating five narcotic odors in about 5 reps!) He has a remarkable relationship with his female handler and on a whisper of her voice will turn to her direction like an obedient soldier. But when sent by her to do his job, he comes in anger with shock and awe bitework of unstoppable determination. I have personally witnessed him take more stress and pressure in one bitework session than some see in a career, and it have no effect. Biting is always extremely full and calm, crushing hard, and a literally perfect hold. V rated and Kkl1, with top drives, top intelligence, drive and commitment and power, health, and pedigree to die for… Zawadi is like no other. Looking at Zawadi’s pedigree answers how this magnificent animal came to be. Zawadi is a son of Fyke van’t Leefdaalhof IPO1 and V Laila Belle von den Sportwaffen IPO3, FH, Kkl1, BHOT, Narc K9. This amazing pedigree combines some legendary German Shepherd Dogs. Included in Zawadi’s pedigree:

Ufo van Guy’s Hof SchH3
Natan vom Pacheco’s Haus KNPV PH1, VH1, PH1
Rick van Tiekerhook IPO3, SchH3, VH3, WUSV
Tino vom Körbelbach IPO3
Nicky van Guy’s Hof SCHH3
Pike von der Schafbachmühle SCHH3, FH, IPO3, BSP
Dasty von der Berger Hochburg SchH3, IPO3
Forma von Karthago BSP, SCHH3, IPO3
Ajax von der schwarzen Nister SchH3, FH, IP3
Ruth van ‘t Leefdaalhof SCHH3, IPO3
Arko Honest CS SCHH3, IPO3, MS, WUSV
Stuka vom Enckhausen SCHH3, IPO3, FH, POLICE K9, 5x National Helper’s Favorite
Asko von der Lutter SCHH3, IPO3, FH1, 3X V BSP (BSP ´98 SIEGER), V WUSV 2000 SIEGER
Basko Vorderlintal SCHH3, IPO3, FH1, 4x BSP
Aly vom Vordersteinwald SCHH3, FH2, BSP
Jenny von der Längerts SchH1, Kkl1
Joker vom Erlenbusch SCHH3, FH1, IPO3, BSP
Greif zum Lahntal SCHH3, IPO3, FH
Esthera van Tiekerhook KNPV, DH, PH1, SCHH3
Fury vom Pacheco’s Haus SCHH3, IPO3, VH3
Bojar de Lupis Fidis SchH3
Umsa vom Bungalow SCHH3, FH, BSP
Link van Muikenshof SCHH3, IPO3, FH, V1 WUSV 1991, 3xWUSV
Karlo vom Peko Haus SCHH3, FH
Gipsy von der Schafbachmühle SchH3, FH
Fado von Karthago SCHH3, IPO3, FH
Pax van’t Leefdaalhof SCHH3, IPO3, FH
Astor vom Waldidyll SVV2, IPO3, ZM
Dolf ze Zakovy hory SCHH3, ZVV1
Maja vom Fuchsgraben SCHH1
Dino vom Sylbacher Wald SCHH3, BSP
Haska von Karthago SCHH3, IPO3, FH, LGA
Anka vom Schiferstein SCHH3
Enno von Adschanta SCHH3, WUSV
Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft SchH3, BSP
Atlas von Bad-Boll SchH3
Crok vom Erlenbusch SCHH3, FH1, BSP
Flocky von der Längerts SchH3, FH

(click on below link to view Zawadi video)

2017 Mideast Regional Conformation Show Working Class Sieger
V Zawadi von den Sportwaffen IP01, Kkl1, Narc K9, BHOT

Bety comes to us SVV1 titled from working a jail in Europe with real world bites. Sportwaffen searches out the dogs with true grit and power. When we got the opportunity to secure this female for our program, we jumped at it. Bety is super intelligent, extremely clear, very social, and studious… she looks at you and reacts to you as though she understands perfectly everything about you with very high intelligence. She’s a subtly dominant dog, much like Zawadi, where big war drums are not needed to cause other dogs to clear a path. She has a way about her that others respect. In the work, she is a powerhouse. Fast, agile, clear and obedient to the handler. Truly awesome to see in person. Equipment or no equipment, this bitch will do work. Bety is extremely well tempered and turns on a dime at the sound of my voice, but when the time comes to handle business, Bety is ready to rock. She lives in the home and follows me around obediently hanging on every word I say. Perfect with my daughter, and a great ambassador for the German Shepherd Dog. She’s also a super easy breeder and a perfect mother, which is something we really care about here at Sportwaffen. One thing I love about her as a mother, is that if Bety doesn’t know you, you will definitely not put hands on her puppies. A truly magnificent maternal drive. Bety has an outstanding pedigree that made her what she is. Bety is linebred 5-4 on Half vom Ruhbachtal, 4-5 on V Nick vom Heiligenbösch, and 5-5 on Mona von der Döllenwiese. This blood that has been well used in the Sportwaffen breeding program- because it produces!

Shadow vom Salztalblick SCHH3, FH1
Xyrus vom Salztalblick SCHH3
Gharib Aesculap SchH3, IPO3
Josera vom Kirchberghof SCHH3
Amigo vom Bracheler See SCHH3, IPO3, FH, Kkl1, LGA
Forma von Karthago SCHH3, IPO3, Kkl1, BSP
Charles Eqidius IPO1, SVV1
Arna Statur Sport Team SVV1
Nick vom Heiligenbösch SchH3, IPO1, FH1
Half vom Ruhbachtal SCHH3, FH, BSP
Mutz von der Abfuhr SCHH3, IPO3
Minka vom Bamberger Domplatz SCHH3, IPO3
Eiko von der Zitadellenburg SCHH3, LGA
Dasty vom Gries SCHH3, IPO3, FH2
Bac vom weißen Holz SCHH3, FH, PSH1
Xilli vom Gleisdreieck SCHH3, IPO3
Tanne vom Gleisdreieck SCHH3, FH, PSH1 Pa-Schacks Jorn BHP3, SCHH3
Buran von der Ponte-Nova SCHH3, IPO3, FH
Raya von der Döllenwiese SCHH1
Mona von der Döllenwiese SCHH3, LGA
Freddy Mulinhusa SCHH3, IPO3, VK3
Bingo vom Teuchelwald SchH3
Castro von der Grundschnelligkeit SCHH3, IPO3, FH3
Jule von der Friesenklippe SCHH3, IPO3, FH1, VK3, BSP
Yoschy von der Döllenwiese SCHH3, BSP
Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft SchH3, BSP
Gesha von Machiavelli SchH3
Fado von Karthago SCHH3, IPO3, FH
Half vom Ruhbachtal SCHH3, FH, BSP
Timmy von der bösen Nachbarschaft SCHH3, FH
Orlie vom Körbelbach SchH3
Tyson von der Schiffslache SCHH3, IPO3, 3x BSP
Olix von Karthago SCHH3, BSP
Connie vom Körnerplatz SCHH3
Nike Egidius SCHH3, IPO3, SVV1
Aly vom Vordersteinwald SCHH3, FH2, BSP
Dunco Va-Pe VPGA, SVV2, IPO3, SCHH3
Loggi von der Maineiche IPO2, SCHH2
Aldo Hirson SVV1, SCHH3, IPO3, WUSV

(click on image below to view Bety video)

This breeding produces a 5-4 linebreeding on SG Forma von Karthago BSP, SCHH3, IPO3. Puppies from these adults are excelling in dogsport, police K9, and other working/service dog applications.

Puppies will be priced at $2500 and come with full AKC, age appropriate vaccinations, written Health Guarantee, and lifetime breeder support. Deposits to hold a puppy are $500 non-refundable, with balance due upon delivery. Working homes in Dogsport, Police K9, SAR, Service Dogs, and Personal Protection will be given top placements. For more information, please email Sportwaffen K9 at: Sportwaffen K9 is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Sportwaffen K9 accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and PayPal for your convenience.

Are you interested in a puppy out of superior German Shepherd Dogs? Let us know what your specific needs and wishes are, and we’ll work to place the perfect puppy for you. Whether it’s a top level sport or police K9 prospect, search and rescue dog, personal protection, or simply a fun pet for you and your family, we can help! Contact us today and take that first step toward having one of these beautiful animals be a part of your life.

If you have something in particular you are looking for please feel free to contact us. We import dogs for every level from Europe and will be glad to find the perfect dog for you and your kennel! Check out Dog Importing Services page for more information!

All Sportwaffen bred puppies/dogs sold will have AKC registration, first shots and worm treatment, with a written health guarantee, unless otherwise noted. Please see Health Guarantee link below for complete details. Deposits to hold puppies/dogs are $500. Please note that deposits placed on puppies/dogs are non-refundable should the buyer not complete the purchase as promised.

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