Cero Jivo


Born: December 16, 2009

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Here’s a video of Cero Jivo IPO2, Kkl1. Enjoy!

Cero Jivo IPO3, Kkl1

The one and only, the Lycan; Cero Jivo IPO3, Kkl1

Cero daughter with Uma von den Sportwaffen IPO1, Genevieve von den Sportwaffen. Tremendous bitch!

HD a-normal, ED a-normal

Born: August 02, 2016

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Two young sons of Cero Jivo IPO3, Kkl1

Cero Jivo is a truly world class quality male!!!!

Sportwaffen K9 was lucky enough to secure this absolutely top-genetic-caliber male for our program, and we are eternally thankful for it!

Cero is a living legend. In a time where vain people only search for point ponies and trophies, Sportwaffen secured Cero for our primary goal: the production of TRUE WORKING DOGS! Cero has produced extremely well for us, from sport dogs, to police dogs, personal protectionb, service dogs, etc. This dog is the 100% package of working line German Shepherd Dogs.

Cero is a black sable, large male, with high drives, and shock and awe bitework. This male is power like hasn’t been seen in a VERY long time. A USCA Judge for his IPO2 said, “You’re probably looking at the most powerful male in the United States.” Cero is known for his power and intensity, but he’s also one of the most clear headed German Shepherd Dogs I have ever seen in 25 years. This male that can clear out a biker bar, will also “make himself small” and let little kids hang off his neck. Cero and I go to Oktoberfest every year, and this amazing man of a dog walks through a crowd of hundreds of intoxicated people and lets little kids, adults, and elderly pet him, hug him, and take pictures with him. He is simply the best of all worlds. Cero is linebred 4-4 on V Yoschy von der Döllenwiese, 5-5 on V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft, and 5-5 on SG Mona von der Döllenwiese. There are VERY few, if any, dogs like Cero Jivo in the world today.

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