Fenga vom Weinland Baden

HD a-normal, ED a-normal

Born: April 12, 2002

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We are pleased to introduce a very high drive dark sable female for top sport breeding, Fenga vom Weinland Baden SchH1, Kkl2!

Fenga is the latest addition to our much respected breeding program, and we are very excited to have acquired her after years of tracking her. Fenga is a beautiful dark sable bitch who brings power and speed to everything she does. Sound on any surface and in every situation, this is a female with impeccable temperament and extreme drives. Fenga brings powerful barking and striking to the protection work and has intense food and ball drive.

Fenga’s sire is the legendary Olex de Valsory SchH3, Kkl1, a 4x BSP competitor, who placed 13th in Baunatal in 2005 and was highly sought after for breeding. Olex produced an active, strong and extremely driven dog for high sport, and Fenga is very much this type. Olex brings power from his sire Nick Heiligenbösch, who’s made his mark on the modern German Shepherd Dog, as well as top producers Half Ruhbachtal and Yoschy von der Dollenwiese. Fenga is equally well-bred from the motherlines; her mother Chili was an LGA competitor and her littermate Clint was shown at the BSP. Their sire, Mutz vom Kosakenwald is a 4x BSP competitor himself.

Her HD-ZW is 79 (4Q-2008). Always pronounced in protection. Fenga is linebred 5-5 on top producer V Gildo vom Körbelbach SchH3, IPO3, FH, Kkl1, (V-BSP).

Fenga’s sire, Olex de Valsory SchH3, Kkl1, 4x BSP

Fenga is an intense female with masculine expression