Bety nad Holeškou

HD/ED 0/0

Born: September 20, 2014

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Bety was imported from Europe, and we are SUPER happy to have her in our program!

Bety is an amazingly intelligent and powerful black female, awesome in the work, and awesome in the down time. This female exudes intelligence and clarity, and is a super companion dog around the home. But like all Sportwaffen dogs, don’t let her good nature and temperament fool you, this bitch will work. Bety came to us after working as a jail dog in Europe with real world bites. If you try and get on the bad side of this girl, she’ll show you that was a mistake. Really powerful bitework, and just an all around dream female. Super easy breeder, and fantastic mother.

Bety is linebred 5-4 on Half vom Ruhbachtal, 4-5 on V Nick vom Heiligenbösch, and 5-5 on Mona von der Döllenwiese. This blood that has been well used in the Sportwaffen breeding program- because it produces!

Watch the video below to see what Bety brings to the field.

Bety nad Holeškou