Welcome to the news page!

Often people will call or email me asking what puppy news is happening or how training is going, what breedings are planned or happening, and so on. I’ll try and update this page often so people can follow along to the happenings here at my kennel!

Are you interested in joining a Schutzhund Club in Indianapolis area? If so, please contact me to arrange a visit to my schutzhund club, OG Landshark. We are currently looking for members who want to make a serious dedication to training and titling their dogs in schutzhund.

Recently, we sold a dual purpose fully trained dog to a new K9 handler. The handler has years of experience as a patrol officer but is new to K9.  He has the dog with him and decides to take the dog out for a potty break. So he’s walking along and the dog leaps onto a ledge and into a flower bed and lays down. He calls the dog and the dog won’t move. He’s thinking to himself “What the hell is wrong with this dog?” He calls the dog again, tries tugging the dog and the dog will not budge. By now, he’s thinking “This dog is broken! He  won’t listen to me.” At this point, he climbs up on the ledge and looks in the flower garden and low and behold, in between the dogs paws is a bag of weed.  The dog had his first find on a potty break!  Moral of the story?  Always Listen To Your Dog!

November 1, 2019

We have 2 upcoming power packed litters of pups due this month. These breedings have been long awaited and there will only be a few puppies available for reservation. Both litters have extremely strong line breedings to some of the worlds most powerful and successful dogs. Visit our Current Litters page for all the info!

October 31, 2019

Welcome to our new website! This has been long in the works and is finally complete. We will be adding new dogs for sale in all categories so check back often. If you see something you like, contact us.