Young Adults

Here at Sportwaffen, we will occasionally hold back puppies to test and develop here to proof our program’s genetics in a controlled environment. We also purchase gifted dogs from contacts in other programs in Europe, too, because our puppies are sometimes in such demand that it’s hard to fill the need in a quality-over-quantity program. These young dogs will be offered here. Contact us with any questions you might have.

Logan is a one year old Belgian Malinois we imported. He is very playful and has nice prey drive. Logan has no handler aggression and is clear with other animals as well. He likes to interact with his handler and wants a buddy. He bites the rag and toys hard in prey and holds nicely. He has a very social temperament and loves attention. Logan shows good hunt drive for the ball and would be a good candidate for single purpose work, or club level dog sport. Logan could also be an active family pet. He is medium size and tan in color. He is safe with kids and would love a family environment. Please contact us if you are interested in Logan if you have any questions