Bonie di Dranel

Bonie di Dranel

SVV1, Kkl1

HD a-normal, ED a-normal

Born: October 23, 2007

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I have to say, I really love this female. Bonie di dranel (We call her Bonnie) is a large, powerful female. Bonnie is so rare these days for a female. Females are getting smaller and smaller and more gentle and dainty by the day it seems. The problem with this for me is that females are such a HUGE part of the breeding… not only do they contribute their genetics obviously but they also imprint so many behavior and temperament foundations in the puppies. The smaller a female the more troubles can sometimes occur in natural births and I just don’t like German Shepherds that behave like Collies. This is not a problem with Bonnie. Bonnie is a large female that acts like a male in all the right ways. She is very social to anyone that her handler approaches her to under “these are friends” type approach. However, if anyone starts trouble or if she’s told to turn on, she goes from handing welcome pies to new neighbors to shock and awe aggression. It is an absolute lightswitch. And perfectly controlled by the handler. Turn her on, she rocks with extreme civil and forward aggression. Tell her that’s enough Bonnie, she faithfully returns to your side without so much as a dirty look. It is truly impressive.

Bonnie came to us from breeding police dogs for Policie kennels in Europe. Substantial bone, well muscled, athletic, great drives and temperament. Truly a family-farm-dog type of dog that does sport and will absolutely defend her master with a vengeance. Bonnie had a Stuka litter for me and was a tremendous mother. If anyone asked to see the puppies she would not allow a soul to enter the whelping kennel near those puppies. A very protective mother. (Stuka’s mother was this way.) Bonnie would show teeth, let a low werewolf type growl, and you knew not to open the door. But as soon as I said “It’s ok, Bonnie. They’re with me momma and wanna see the babies” she immediately turned off the aggression and just watched the litter handled closely. Anyone that knows me knows I am not a Rin-Tin-Tin guy when it comes to most dogs but I’m telling you there are some seriously awesome qualities in this female very naturally inside her.

Another super nice quality Bonnie has are perfectly calm, absolutely full, rock hard grips. Even when the sleeve is just motionless she will hang on to it forever, perfectly calm and solid. She’s a very nice biting female.

Pedigree wise Bonnie makes sense when you see what’s on her paper. She carries some stellar dogs in Grim Pohranicni Straze, Tom van’t Leefdaalhof, Cordon An-Sat, and Yoschy von der Dollenwiese. And I love to see these dogs in pedigrees, but they’re normally in the 5th generations now. In Bonnie’s, they are in her third. Good blood, right up front, and ready to produce.

Bonnie the Lycan (Her werewolf nickname around club)