SG Car z Oravskej Doliny BH, AD, Police K9


Born: 01/11/2010

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Car just received an SG show rating under SV Judge Dieter Oeser at the 2013 Mideast Regional Conformation Championship hosted by OG Landshark.

Car z Oravskej Doliny, pronounced Czar, is an extremely high quality male and the future of our breeding program. He came to us at 12 months of age and was completely green with zero training. He has begun his training for titles here at Sportwaffen K9 and is being groomed as a future stud dog for my kennel. Czar is a tremendous high drive male with strong masculine behavior. He is a very powerful male in all areas with a high intelligence.

Czar is linebred 4-4 on the legendary BSP male SG Half Ruhbachtal SchH3, FH, BSP. Half was a son of the famous SG Timmy von der bosen Nachbarschaft SchH3, FH, BSP who was himself from pillar dog V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich SchH3, FH, BSP. In fact, he’s linebred 5-5,5 on the famous “T” litter von der bosen Nachbarschaft through both Timmy and his brother, V Troll von der bosen Nachbarschaft SchH3, FH, BSP. I love the linebreeding on the “T” litter because it produces. The linebreeding on then SG Half Ruhbachtal SchH3, FH, BSP is fantastic because Half is the father of another fantastic working dog in Czar’s pedigree, V Nick vom Heiligenbosch, SchH3, FH, BSP, WUSV. Czar is linebred 5-5 on V Orlie Korbelbach SchH3, FH as well! But wait… it gets even better. Look at the following who’s-who rollcall in Car’s pedigree and see why it’s no wonder the genetic quality he brings in the work from this unbelievable pedigree:

Asko von der Lutter
Dino vom Sylbacher Wald
Haska von Karthago
Yoschy von der Dollenwiese
Benny von der oberen Halde
Chico von der Fasanerie
Falko von Haus Sindern
Endi vom Tiekerhook
Aika vom Tiekerhook
Gesha von Machiavelli
Forma von Karthago
Cordon An-Sat
Fax vom Haus Bernhart-Mader

Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich
Timmy von der bosen Nachbarschaft
Orlie Korbelbach
Greif vom Herkulesblick
Luna Westfalenspross
Olf vom Heidetal
Harro aus der Lechrainstadt
Doxa vom Tiekerhook
Mona von der Dollenwiese
Fado von Karthago
Natz vom Tegelhaus
Butar Galan
Ron vom Haus Bernhart-Mader

Nick vom Heiligenbosch
Troll von der bosen Nachbarschaft
Half Ruhbachtal
Roma von Karthago
Astor vom Waldidyll
Arek vom Stoffelblick
Storm Tiekerhook
Nora-Lenny vom Tiekerhook
Amigo vom Bracheler See
Eick von der Berger Hochburg
Task vom Haus Melinda (Troll H. M. brother)
Odeta z Danaru
Cora zo Severnej hranice

Here’s a video of Czar doing some schutzhund bark and hold, civil agitation, hidden sleeve, and longbites at 20 months of age. In the videos he is being handled by my good friend Lorna Thomas and the helper work is performed by (me) Nate Harves:

Here is a video of Czar’s mother in Europe!

Czar, 13 months old, on the table

Czar is maturing very nicely and has really developed strong social aggression. He’s an excellent watchdog around the house and has started working more aggressively in the bark and hold. I have personally been doing the helper work on him in the bark and hold to keep him in the drive state and behavior I want to see out of him. I will have video on it in the coming days. Another thing that is getting better and better with each session and corner in maturity is his longbite. Car almost took me down at training the other day on a longbite. A week ago I met with Brockington again and we trained our dogs over in Ohio. Joe is a very good top sport trial helper, strong, athletic, and a former linebacker for Notre Dame… after catching Car on a full field longbite, Joe said “That was insane… I think that’s the fastest longbite I’ve ever caught. It was dangerous, man. I’m serious. He almost took me down, but I wasn’t gonna let that happen!” and laughed. Over the last months he has begun developing into a very nice young male.