Dog Importing Services

If you are looking to import a specific dog for your needs we can help. Sportwaffen K9 has contacts throughout Europe and will work to locate and import your special dog at a reasonable price based on fair market value.

After contacting us about a dog, we will get detailed information from you of what kind of dog you are wanting and what needs the dog must provide for. We will then begin right away to locate that dog for you and assist you in selection. We will never try and sell a dog by a picture alone, we work hard with trusted contacts and will look at the total dog through photos, videos, pedigrees, hip scores, etc. until we are sure we have found the dog you desire. You, as the buyer, will be included in this entire process along the way and will never be pressured into a dog you don’t want or can’t afford.

Through our contacts we have the ability to import everything from puppies and family pets, to protection dogs, police dogs, and sport competition dogs that have competed at top sport levels, including the Bundessiegerprufung in Germany. No matter what the dog is you desire, let the knowledge and experience behind Sportwaffen K9 help guide and protect you through this investment in finding the perfect dog for you!

If you seek our help to locate a dog we will be glad to help. However, please do not spend our time unless you are serious about getting a dog. It is troubling that so many people want to waste my time and my contacts time looking for dogs they cannot afford or won’t buy. I am here to help people serious about getting a good dog. If you aren’t equally serious, please contact someone else.