Olina Stuka

Sportwaffen K9

Cheyenne vom Severusbrunnen
SG Cheyenne vom Severusbrunnen SchH3, Kkl1
HD a-normal, ED a-normal
Born: July 4, 2004
Top scores are Tracking 77, Obedience 86, Protection 96
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Cheyenne comes to us from Germany. We are very excited to be getting Cheyenne and adding her to our kennel and home.

Cheyenne started her training for Schutzhund very late, at about 2.5 years of age. For most dogs, this would be too late in the game to really do much. However, no one told Cheyenne that! A year later, she is a SchH3 Kkl1 female. Although her scores represent a hurried training and titling, it's important to note that her protection scores were always very high. The lowest score in protection she ever received was a 94. The fact that she started training so late with such a lack of foundation and imprinting and was able to complete her Schutzhund 1-3 in less than a year speaks volumes to her hardness, drive, and genetics.

Looking at her pedigree we see that her father was Arco von der Mohnwiese SchH3. Arco is a full littermate to V Aline von der Mohnwiese SchH3, FH, Kkl1. Aline produced the famous "E" litter von der Mohnwiese with the world famous brothers Eros and Ellute Mohnwiese. The father line continues through the powerful BSP LGA participant V Yoschy von der Dollenwiese SchH3. Yoschy was known for producing aggression and fight drive. Yoschy's father is the pillar dog 3xBSP participant V Troll von der bosen Nachbarschaft SchH3, FH, also known for extreme drive and power. Through Yoschy's mother comes LGA competitor V Greif vom Herkulesblick SchH3, FH. Cheyenne's mother comes from the Schwarzen Nister kennel in Germany and includes dogs such as BSP V Quax von der Fasanerie SchH3, IPO3, FH, Kkl1.

Watch the video below to see Cheyenne in action!

Cheyenne bitework video

Here's a more recent video of her having some fun at training and blowing some steam.

Here's some video of a young Stuka x Cheyenne male, Gnash von den Sportwaffen performing tracking, obedience, and protection with a longbite. Very nice!





Below is a puppy from Cheyenne. This is a male puppy from the 2008 breeding with the powerful SG1 Stuka vom Enckhausen SchH3, IPO3, FH, Kkl1, HOT and SG Cheyenne vom Severusbrunnen SchH3, Kkl1. One of the puppies from this breeding went to a Bundessiegerprüfung competitor in Germany.

Below is a video of Stuka with daughter Farah and son Loki working side by side. This was from a breeding with Cheyenne vom Severusbrunnen:

Cheyenne daughter Farah von den Sportwaffen's longbite:

Video of 15 week old Stuka x Cheyenne son showing extreme drive and perfect gripping during ragwork.

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