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I’d like to take just a moment of your time and touch on the topic of breeding. It’s never more relevant than when starting to talk about the health of our beloved breed.

Sportwaffen K9 is committed to making sure when you purchase a puppy or young dog from us, that you do it with the peace of mind knowing that the dog you have selected was bred for excellence and is backed by a written health guarantee.

A quality puppy or young dog is an investment. I feel that too many breeders take this lightly and I understand the concern that many have when purchasing a dog for the kind of money that WELL BRED German Shepherd Dog’s typically go for. It’s very easy to find breeders offering puppies out of “AKC” lines for much less than you’ll find here or on other reputable breeder sites. It can also become confusing to see people asking for high dollar amounts claiming to have high quality dogs that really aren’t. This is where the “buyer beware” attitude greatly helps. As a potential dog buyer, I hope that you’ve educated yourself and tried to learn about the German Shepherd Dog as a breed. What kind of puppy do you want? What purpose will you want the puppy or young dog to serve? Will this dog be a household pet, a competition sport dog? Will it protect my home? Or be safe around my children? Does the breeder care about the breed? Know what they are doing? Have the parents been health screened? Are they titled? These are all the types of questions you need to be asking yourself and working with the breeder on, to try and place the best puppy for YOU.

Too many people unfortunately believe that a dog, is a dog. So, a $350 dog is just as good as a $2500 dog, just cheaper. Right? Nothing could be further from the truth. People who simply advertise low cost AKC puppies are simply taking dogs and breeding. They generally don’t have any real measureable knowledge about the breed or any goals in their breedings. Breeding should NEVER be done for any other reason than to improve the breed. A dog advertised as an “AKC” dog only means that the dog is allegedly full bred out of two other AKC dogs. That’s it. Often there has been nothing done to health screen the dog, maybe both parents are completely dysplastic in their hips and elbows, or have other major health defects. In addition to physical health abnormalities, maybe the dogs have substantial underlying issues such as lack of nerve or hardness, or drive structures that make them dangerous or unstable. Maybe the dog was purchased in the hope of fulfilling a high drive role such as Schutzhund or home protection and can’t come close to performing in these areas. These are all factors that are considered by a reputable breeder. Purchasing a correctly bred dog, and working with the breeder to identify what’s best for your needs, helps insure your best chances that these problems are avoided and you will find success in your investment.

Sportwaffen K9 breeds only out of the finest European Import lines. All of our dogs are health/hip/elbow screened and drive evaluated. All of our dogs are Schutzhund titled, conformationed, and breed surveyed prior to being considered for breeding. We don’t breed paper, meaning we don’t look at pedigrees only and agree a dog should be bred. Rather, we take long educated looks at each dog as an individual, and make the best determination possible IF the dog should be bred, and if so, WHAT the dog should be bred to for our breeding goals. We will never breed a dog solely based on the fact that it is titled or has a nice pedigree. Each dog is closely looked at for their own individual quality in breeding. There are few things in the world that anger me as much as when I see “backyard breeders” shortcut this long and tedious process because of the work involved in being a responsible breeder. They claim their dog isn’t schutzhund titled “but easily could be, everyone tells me so” and that the parents aren’t OFA’d but “soon will be.” What good will that do when the puppies are already born? When we produce a whole litter of puppies with bad hips and no drives, do we just say “oops, oh well?”

This is where you, the buyer, come in. Why would the unethical breeder go to all these troubles and lengths to better the breed, when they can just make fast money running a puppy mill? By requiring breeders to exhibit responsiblity you are helping in your own way to protect the breed. That is exactly the reason why people like myself are so devoted to the breed and willing to do the work. I take great pride in knowing that my practices are making contributions to the breed and working to be an example to others that this is the only way to breed. By having strict ethics in what I do and devoting so much of my time and interests to this goal, I do my part to insure that the puppy you take home is far higher in quality than you would’ve ever gotten from a backyard breeder or a pet store. I have no use for pet stores or backyard breeders. Pet stores are nothing more than puppy mills and could care less about the breeds they allegedly represent. What I call a backyard breeder is someone who knows nothing of the breed, and does nothing to protect the welfare of the breed in their breedings, such as screening for health problems or concerning themselves with producing working animals. They are only concerned with making quick money off of puppies. They do not work their dogs, don’t understand the drives in dogs, and they just don’t know what they are doing. Each puppy they breed only works to make the real German Shepherd a thing of the past.

You don’t have to own a huge facility or 1000 dogs to be a respectable breeder. It’s actually quite the opposite. Some of the best breedings out there occur in the homes of the small kennel enthusiast, owning only 8-10 dogs. They have goals and direction where they want their breedings to go and take enormous pride in trying to produce that perfect litter.

Sportwaffen K9 Health Guarantee v.12/31/15

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Nate Harves
Sportwaffen K9