Sportwaffen K9 for the working
line German Shepherd Dog.

Sportwaffen K9

Sportwaffen K9 is the product of my lifelong love and interest in dogs. As a kid I'd wake up, and my dog and I would go hiking up into the forestry behind our farm. I loved the outdoors and I loved my dogs so these were the best of times. Watching my dogs, I was always amazed seeing them work in drive and their abilities to effortlessly cover ground, hunt, and sense things I couldn't see.

Male Dogs

Cero Jivo

Cero Jivo

Female Dogs

Cero Jivo

Cero Jivo



Two brand new pages on up and coming additions to our breeding program are available on the Xaja spod Mazlova page and the Kodiak von den Sportwaffen page. Enjoy!

September 13, 2019