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Welcome to the news page!

Often people will call or email me asking what puppy news is happening or how training is going, what breedings are planned or happening, and so on. I'll try and update this page often so people can follow along to the happenings here at my kennel!

November 5, 2008

Here's a picture my friend Rudiger sent to me from us at the 2008 WUSV. Rudiger is on the left, then me, then Jogi. Jogi handles the very impressive Eric vom Sportpark SchH3, IPO3, BSP in Germany. He showed very strong this year and in 2007 took second place at the BSP. Very nice dog in the work.

November 4, 2008

Here's a picture of me with my good friend from Canada, Darryl Haringsma at the 2008 WUSV. Darryl showed Caine's brother at the 2008 WUSV in Kentucky. Darryl's dog Talon took the sleeve off the helper on the escape grip and the stadium went crazy. Darryl was a WUSV competitor before with Caine's father, Bure vom Norbreeze SchH3, FH, Kkl2, WUSV.

Congratulations on the strong showing my friend. You and Talon work very hard and deserve the success!

November 2, 2008

I have updated the pictures from the 2008 Bundessiegerprüfung in Germany. They are on the same page as the 2006 photos. They can be viewed here.

Here's a picture of me while I was in Germany working with Ike von der Mohnwiese SchH3, FH, Kkl2, BSP. I had the pleasure of watching Ike as a protection phase demo dog during the 2006 BSP in Bochum-Wattenscheid and really liked the dog, so getting to actually work him two years later was a real treat.

Regina und Peter, hier ist es! Ike ist auf meinem HP meinen Freunden!

I was also lucky enough to get to talk with Werner Hübner at the Bundessiegerprüfung in 2008 about his Asko von der Lutter. It was very nice to see this man's eyes light up when he spoke of his old friend. It was nice to hear about the dog from the person that knew him best.

Me and Werner Hubner, Asko's handler

October 28, 2008

I have the information on the Jim Beam Talka Marda puppy as well as new videos of the young pups for sale. I am currently working on getting them finished and will post them soon. Additionally, I will have a Rottweiler puppy available from a good friend. His male is exceptional quality, SchH3, and has competed and done very well. More to come!

October 15, 2008

I may have a Jim Beam Talka Marda son available newly arrived from Germany. I'll be listing info as soon as I have it all.

October 13, 2008


The WUSV was a lot of fun. The event as a whole ran very smoothly and I heard many good things from the competitors and spectators. The venue was very nice and it was super to see the USA pull off a great event. Stuka was used as a helper tryout dog, and boy did he have fun. After every out, he'd wait a few moments and then regrip the sleeve. What a punk. :)

It was great to see many friends from all over the world. Sometimes these are people you can only talk to or email and see once a year or so, so when you can get together at the same time it's like a big extended family reunion.

I was a tracklayer for the event and so unfortunately I didn't get to see much in the stadium. However, here are some of my highlights:

*My friend Daryl Haringsma from Canada handled a brother to my Sunshadow's Caine. The dog is Talon vom Adler Tal. On the escape grip Talon took the sleeve off the helper and the crowd went wild! Talon was so proud of himself and Daryl couldn't have smiled any bigger. Darryl's a great guy who trains very hard and I was proud of him.

*The tracking and bitework from Javir vom Talka Marda. I saw this dog just a few weeks ago at the Bundessigerprufung in Baunatal. He is a really nice dog with good power.

*All the conversations with the handlers before their tracks and getting to see so many nice tracking dogs. I laid a 99 point track for Wallace Payne's old dog Merlin Conneforde. "Pedro" did a super nice track for his new handler from Korea. Also, Crazy Charlie and Aceofnike van het Bleekhof. Crazy Charlie took High Tracking with 99 points. And some inside info here.....the field this track was laid in was truly the second worst field of the event. Sometimes tracking is luck of the draw and we don't have choices where the tracks go down. But if you've got a good tracking dog, it doesn't matter, Nike railed it. There was a dog from Italy in this same field that did a 97 and was one of the slowest, most methodical tracking dogs I've ever seen, Franco v.d. Wilden Nachbarschaft. The dog from Finland, Diwareus Chac, is a track I laid and was in the number one-worst condition field. This dog walked an article or he would have had a perfect 100 point track at the WUSV. It was a very nice tracking dog.

*I'd also like to congratulate the helper's, Lotus Perkins and Shane Garrehy, for the always safe-correct-and powerful work. Lotus is retiring from helper work after this at events and those will be big shoes to fill. He is a tremendous trial helper. Shane showed really safe longbites and great presence on the dogs also. Clark Niematalo and Jim Laubmeier were the alternates for the event. My hat's off to each of these gentlemen for reaching this event and doing what they do. They are all super trial helpers and many a big protection score has come off their hard work, and many a good dog trialed another day because of their safe work!

*There was much more, but too much to list here. Be sure to attend one of these events in the future!

October 6, 2008

Well I'm back from Germany and ready to watch the WUSV in Greater Cincinnati. I am a tracklayer for the event so unfortunately won't get to see much in the stadium. Hopefully we'll get some time free.

I'm gonna try and get some video of some of the Caine and Stuka puppies that went to friends and fellow club members from the last litters. They are showing really nice drive.

September 13, 2008

Ich mochte zum Bundessiegerprufung gehen! Ein Bier bitte! Und macht schnell! :)

September 8, 2008

Puppies from the Caine and Stuka litters have begun going to their new homes. I wish everyone the best of luck with these incredible little puppies. There were some very good dogs in there!

The other night, an organization I'm a member of hosted Indianapolis's Oktoberfest. We had a very successful event with thousands and thousands of people. A friend and I took our dogs down there and let people meet them. It was really nice to see so many people have such a respect for German Shepherd Dogs. Our dogs couldn't walk 10 feet without someone wanting a picture or to let their children pet the dog. All those people and all the noise of the celebration and our dogs walked through heads high and tails wagging, true ambassadors for the GSD. It was great for the event.

September 2, 2008

In two weeks, I will be in Germany at the Bundessiegerprüfung with friends! Can't wait.

Here is a video of the Stuka pups at just turned 6 weeks of age.

August 24, 2008

Between the baby, the puppies, and the Regionals coming up I have been extremely busy. We've been going to Tom Huelsman's club to get some field time for my friends who are competing. Stay the weekend and then head on home.

I leave for Germany soon also. I'm going over to the Bundessiegerprufung again and to look at some dogs. Cannot wait to see good friends and once again sit in the stands of the BSP with a beer in hand watching the best Germany has to offer!

New puppy videos, just taken today.

August 18, 2008

I haven't had time for the videos and will try and finish them soon. The puppies are all doing very well.

The trip to Greater Cincinnatti Schutzhund Club went very well as always and we had a lot of fun.

August 16, 2008

The new Facilities page is up and can always be accessed off the menu bar on the left of my website. It has pictures of my kennel building and my schutzhund field. Enjoy!

I have made puppy videos, but probably won't have time to get them up until Sunday night. We're leaving today to get some practice on the Mideast Regionals field. I'm not showing Stuka because he just came off some ear injuries (two hematoma's) but I am planning on trying out for helper tryouts. Some friends who are showing are going down with me for the weekend for some training and fun.

August 13, 2008

You guys should see the drive coming out of my breeding with Jenny and Caine. They are 5 weeks old right now. Every time I go in the kennel they are all biting my socks, shoes, anything they can. They are showing very good nerves and are very vocal when they want something. I go in to put their food in the pan and they just start biting me all over. When they bite they try and get as much in their mouth as they can and then start humping back and pulling. I'm gonna get a video of it.

We'll see what they keep turning into, but as of right now I am very happy with them.

August 9, 2008

I'm currently creating new videos of the puppies from both litters. Here's the Caine x Jenny at 5 weeks. I had them out today on the grass with me and two dog training friends. These puppies are showing unbelievable drive for their age. They all want to bite on everything, and they bite hard and naturally hump back. They are doing very well.

Caine x Jenny puppies, about 5 weeks old

I got the Stuka x Cheyenne puppies out today also. They all look very nice. Lots of growling and fighting going on when they are in the whelping box. Today was their first day out on the grass. They are already eating cottage cheese, and continuing to nurse off of Cheyenne. She carried a ball into the box and there were at least two puppies that started rolling it around and trying to bite it....at less than 3 weeks of age. Unbelievable.

Stuka x Cheyenne puppies, almost 3 weeks old


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